New resources for walls have made them the new playground for interior  designers. Elements offers accent applications to take your project beyond the expected. From sculpted and  textured wall panels to custom-cast vertical glass surfaces, we have  very exciting  options in the medium to high-end price ranges. 

Wall Panels

Interlam: Interlam Design is a designer and manufacturer of high-end, sculpted wall panels, carved wall panels, decorative wall panels, ornamental wall panels and components based in the United States and exporting to all corners of the globe.

Nathan Allen: Nathan Allen Glass Studios designs and manufacturers architectural textural glass partitions, glass doors, glass lighting, glass stair treads, glass balustrades, bent glass, glass countertops, glass facades and so much more.

Lumicor: Lumicor designs develops and manufactures innovative architectural panels and resin solutions for architects and designers to enhance spaces with light, color, texture and shapes. Our architectural resin panels bring an element of design inspiration, mood and light play to interiors using natural, man-made and digitally inspired designs.

Techlite: This is an acoustical line which provides consultation, design, and custom manufacturing for virtually any sound attenuation application, from large industrial spaces to office and sports complexes to music halls, museums and civic spaces.

RPG Acoustics: This line offers a range of acoustical options including elegantly engineered natural wood systems for sound absorption, light transmitting acoustics, colored, graphic, shapes, fabric, and more.